• What is Hypnosis?

    Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation in which the subconscious mind becomes incredibly receptive to suggestions of a positive nature. In hypnosis, you are not asleep, contrary to popular ideas. In fact, most people report a heightened awareness and concentration.

    Through hypnosis, you can change your belief systems for the better, replacing old behaviors and beliefs that you no longer need or want, with new ones that you desire.

    Everyone naturally enters hypnosis multiple times every day, when you go to the movies or while taking a long drive, the beginnings of a new relationship, or being overwhelmed by the natural beauty of something.

  • Will Hypnosis Make Me Do Things Against My Will, Will I Be Made to Quack or Bark?

    Certainly not. This is a complete myth perpetuated by Hollywood movies creating fictitious storylines and by stage hypnotists who know that their best subjects are the ones who want to put on a good show and they know exactly how to pick them. You as the client remain in full control at all times and it's not possible to make you say or do something that you do not wish to, we only help you to make positive changes that you are wanting in your life.

    Do you won't bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken, unless you really want to of course!

  • Can I Be Hypnotized?

    The short answer is yes! If you have an IQ above 70, can follow simple instructions and have a pulse, you can be hypnotized.

  • Can I Get Stuck in Hypnosis?

    We've all probably seen movies, such as Office Space, where someone gets hypnotized and the hypnotist gets interrupted or dies before bringing them out and they continue their life in a hypnotic trance. This would not happen, the client would simply return to full consciousness after a few minutes all by themselves.

  • How Does Hypnosis Work?

    Hypnosis allows for the bypassing of the critical filters in your mind, the ones that accept or reject the input from the world around you, based on your past experiences and beliefs. This allows direct communication with the subconscious mind, thus allowing positive messages to be taken in, without being rejected, causing positive changes in your subconscious. For example, if you were bitten by a dog as a young child, you may develop a fear of dogs, so even when you see a cute fluffy puppy later on in life that negative known in your subconscious causes your critical mind to reject the cute fluffy harmless nature of the dog and assume it's a vicious biting dog. Through Hypnotherapy, your critical mind can be bypassed, so those negative knowns can be modified to allow you to better relate with dogs and not be so fearful in future.

  • How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost?

    That all depends on what is needed. There is typically a standard price person session but I offer multi-session prices for things like smoking cessation where multiple sessions are required for the complete effect, this ensures people follow through with all the sessions required.

  • Can I Be Made to Reveal secrets While in Hypnosis?

    During hypnosis, you are no more likely to reveal a secret than at any other time. You are just as capable of telling lies as well.

    Government organizations have poured millions into research to see if hypnosis could be used as a method of obtaining the truth from someone and ultimately concluded it was a waste of time and money, as it just did not work in that way.

  • Is Hypnotism Ever Contraindicated?

    Yes. It is contraindicated for people who are developmentally disabled. It is also contraindicated for people who are mentally ill. Although hypnosis has seen some amazing results over a wide spectrum of conditions, hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care.

  • How Do I Choose a Good Hypnotherapist?

    I would recommend talking with them on the phone, don't be afraid to ask any and all questions you have, it's better to be fully comfortable with your Hypnotherapist before you book a session, most will offer a free 10-15 minute phone consultation.

    Check what qualifications they have and any professional memberships they hold. For example, I graduated from HMI the first accredited college of Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis.edu) in America, I'm a member of the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 a board run Union affiliated with the AFL-CIO.

    Be a little wary of anyone who says they know exactly how long it will take to help you with your issue right from the start, often times it takes an indeterminate number of sessions which changes based on each individual person and what exactly needs doing, what is learned in the first session etc.

    If you ever meet a hypnotherapist that uses words such as, "don't [Insert word here]" as a direct suggestion, choose a different hypnotherapist! - Feel free to ask me why.

    Typically your first Hypnotherapy session will begin with a discussion about your presenting problems, what hypnosis is and how it can help etc. if you don't get a good feeling about the Hypnotherapist after this first 20-30 minutes of your session then it may be best to look elsewhere in future.

  • Can Hypnosis Help Me Remember Something?

    Yes and no, while hypnosis may be able to help you retrace your steps and find that item you misplaced last Thursday, memory is very unreliable and it is very easy to encounter false memory syndrome, one of the reasons they don't allow a person who has been hypnotized to testify in court, because there's a possibility that their memories could have been tainted.

  • My Friend Tried Hypnosis to Quit Smoking and it Didn't Work.

    Changing a serious habit like smoking is a little more complex than just a few simple hypnotic suggestions, as previously mentioned, someone must want to make the change or hypnosis won't do any more than simply talking.

    For example with the habit of smoking, we must find out the underlying causes of why a person smokes and what secondary gains are they getting from smoking. Once we know this and the person is truly ready to quit smoking, we can help them replace the habit of smoking with a healthier alternative, such as breathing, after all, breathing is the positive aspect of smoking that makes people feel good, not the smoking itself. Then we can ensure we replace whatever secondary gains a person was getting from smoking, so as not to leave them without the comforts and security that smoking may have been giving them. I used to smoke because I felt more confident and comfortable out in public when I had a cigarette in my hand, fixing these confidence issues would be something needing to be done before quitting, so that quitting becomes easier.

  • Will I be asleep or lose consciousness at all while under hypnosis?

    No, you will not. While in a hypnotic trance you will be aware of everything around you, sometimes even more aware than usual. Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness.