Detroit Stop Smoking Using Hypnotherapy and the Power of Hypnosis

Over the years hypnosis has gained an increasingly positive reputation for its therapeutic and medical benefits, things like relaxation, weight loss, pain control, and quitting smoking.

However, people are still somewhat skeptical of hypnosis and its ability to assist with issues like smoking cessation. Being a Hypnotherapist and also an ex-smoker myself, I can completely understand peoples hesitation to believe that hypnosis can help them overcome their addiction to tobacco.

Speaking from personal experience I can attest that like most people cigarettes became a coping mechanism for me to help deal with my stress, in situations where I felt uncomfortable, also to pass the time when I was bored. While I may not have been fully addicted to the nicotine itself, given the right conditions I could go for days at a time without smoking, I was however psychologically addicted and would resort to smoking any time I felt uncomfortable, stressed or bored, typically only while out in social situations.

Cigarettes had woven their way into the very fabric of my life and I was beginning to form habits and associative relationships to activities, people, alcohol. When I was around certain people I would always smoke, while out for a drink you would rarely see me without a cigarette in my hand. Upon moving out of my parents home into my own my smoking increased and I would now smoke at home, at work and while out with friends. My cravings for cigarettes had increased as had my psychological dependence on the nicotine.

In times of upset or distress, smokers will often reach for a cigarette as a coping mechanism to try and feel better. I have personally experienced this many times over the years that I smoked. But the truth of the matter is that tobacco is not a friend to you at all, but rather a controlling bully out to hurt you. Many people worry about gaining weight when they quit smoking, with Hypnotherapy that is not the case, you will learn positive ways to quit smoking, feel better, obtain a sense of calm in your life and not replace your smoking habit with eating and in turn putting on weight.

Several publications out there confirm that nicotine can appear within your bloodstream within an hour of inhalation and is metabolized by your liver, having a half-life of 2 hours nicotine doesn't stay in your body very long at all, but it does stay in the body longer than LSD, Adderall, and methamphetamine. The metabolite of nicotine cotinine, a toxic alkaloid, has a half-life of about 15 hours according to Mayo Medical Laboratories and can be detected in blood and urine for up to 10 days after you quit.

As you can see, within a few days nicotine is completely out of your system and your addiction to the nicotine should be gone, but how come most smokers find their cravings continue far past those first few days after they quit. That supports the psychological addiction that people have to cigarettes and why they are continually motivated to smoke long after the nicotine has left their system.

So, if we truly want to rid ourselves of smoking, we need to address this psychological need to smoke and not just the addiction to the nicotine itself. This is where hypnosis truly shines. Using the power of hypnosis you can re-learn the habits and associations that drive you to smoke by changing your subconscious motivations. Hypnosis can also assist you in learning new coping skills to support you during times of stress. The key to long-term success is by addressing both the chemical and psychological addictions, and the new tools you will have after partaking in a smoking cessation Hypnotherapy program will make it easier to get through those first few days of chemical dependence and modify your attitudes toward smoking and tobacco use, leading to you becoming a permanent non-smoker.

Hypnosis may look like it's just a fun tool used to entertain people with comedy and trickery during stage shows, but it also has a deeply rooted use in many clinical applications. So, if you truly want to quit smoking, you're willing to invest the time and effort, and you employ the services of a professional Hypnotherapist, you can become and remain smoke-free for life.


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Michael D. Milson, C.Ht

Michael studied Hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute and graduated in 2015. Since then he has kept up on his education with the latest research and techniques, through online courses provided by the American Hypnosis Association among others. Michael has also studied many other hypnotists and the various hypnotic modalities they use, to constantly refresh and add to his own toolbox.

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