Book An Session With Michael

Please contact Michele directly to book a Hypnotherapy Session using the contact form and he will get back to you to schedule a time for your free phone consultation.

Please be as detailed as you can as to why you are interested in Hypnotherapy services and what your goals are and include 3 days and times over the next week that would be good for you and Michael will do his best to call you during one of those times.


During your 1st visit you will be going over the theory of mind, discussing what hypnotherapy is and is not, completing an in-depth analysis of your hypnotic suggestibility type, left brain right brain dominance. Then you will review how accessing your subconscious programming through hypnosis can allow you to achieve your desired goals. Michael will help guide you into a relaxed hypnotic state utilizing various induction and deepening techniques and post-hypnotic suggestions for relaxation, positivity, success and post-hypnotic suggestions for re-hypnosis, so that you will more easily enter the hypnotic state in subsequent sessions.

The sessions that follow on from this will combine cognitive therapy along with behavior modification techniques to reach your goals. Every session will include various strategies and hypnotic modalities individually customized to address your specific issues and suggestibility type.

All suggestions given to you in your hypnotherapy session whilst you are in the hypnotic state can be recorded during the session and emailed to you as an MP3 audio file for you to use between sessions to help you achieve greater results. These audio recordings can be downloaded and used on your computer, phone or other MP3 capable device or can be burned to CD using software freely available on most computers.

Session Fees:

In Person Hypnotherapy Sessions:
Your 1st Session is 1.5 hours at $120
All subsequent regular sessions are 1 hour at $75

Private At Home Sessions:
If you require Hypnotherapy sessions at your home for any reason please contact Michael for more information.

Your 1st Session is 1.5 hours at $175
All subsequent regular sessions are 1 hour at $130

* Includes travel time to your location up to 30 minutes away. For longer distances, travel fees will apply at an additional rate per session based on your location (Starting at $40).

Smoking Cessation Package:
The Stop Smoking package includes the 1st Session of 2 hours and a follow-up reinforcement session of 1 hour which is done 3-7 days after the first at a combined rate $280
* Depending on your current smoking habits, how many packs a day you smoke and other factors you may also need to also schedule a preparing to quit session which would be before the above two sessions and would be a 1 hour session at $100, contact Michael for full details before purchasing a package.

Purchase Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy Sessions can be purchased in advance using a secure payment through PayPal (Credit/Debit cards accepted) below or paid on the day of the session with cash or credit/debit card. (Please contact Michael first to discuss your session) Please enter your FEE below and then hit pay now to be taken to the secure payment page.